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Discover yourself with our Personality Development course designed entirely to help you build all the personal skills you need for any professional venture.

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For you to enter any kind of a professional field, you need to have a great personality. That is exactly what we will work on, in this course. Starting with the basics of achieving team success and leadership, you will work through some of the essentials of Personality Development.

This course strongly focuses on offering a variety of development courses that not only improves your life but also help you plan your career, achieve success, and develop proper time management.

Concepts Covered

1. Personal Productivity

2. Learning Strategies

3. Speed Reading

4. Mindfulness

5. Communication Skills

6. Confidence


Certified Course

With what you have gained including experience, get the shot in the arm for your career prospects and interviews with skills and certificates to back your talk.

Get certified by Verzeo and top institutions for your efforts and stand tall among others in the crowd.

Pricing Plan


₹ 5000

Course Duration: 1 Month

Live classes: 8+ hours

Recorded videos

Co-Branded Course completion certificate

Access upto 3 months for course contents


₹ 10,000

Course duration: 3 Months

Live classes: 24+ Hours

Recorded Videos

Co-Branded Course completion certificate

Access upto 12 months for course contents

Meet Our Mentors


Ms. Sanjhana Prasad

Personality Development

With a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma, Ms. Sanjhana Prasad is the right fit for being an exceptional Personality Development trainer. With significant experience in HR, she’s the perfect mentor for your Personality Development program.

Frequently Asked Questions

A proper Personality Development course usually covers the following topics:

  • Personal productivity
  • Learning Strategies
  • Speed reading
  • Mindfulness
  • Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence
  • Motivation

The entire field of Personality Development revolves around several topics. However, they could generally be categorized into the following parent categories:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social

Having a great Personality not only makes you a remarkable person in your professional environment, but you also become self-aware, motivated, and gain a sense of direction for any work you are involved in. It’s essential to work on your personal development to stand out in any organization.

Verzeo has a department dedicated to students' placement and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has successfully maintained high placement statistics over the years, and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.

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