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Content is one of the most trending and diverse disciplines at the moment. With the competition rising, the entire field has become a talent show where only the best copywriting survives and thrives. With the need for content writing rising among industries, it has become an entire discipline of its own with huge growth and interest. Let us help you build expertise in the field with Verzeo’s content writing/copywriting online training.

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With the rise of the internet and digitization, the competition for industries and businesses has increased. And since these businesses are focusing more on building their online presence, they need a unique edge over their competitors. High-quality content is what reflects their professionalism, and you could be the one that provides this content.

Content writing is a very diverse niche. Not only can you work with the top-tier companies and Copyright for them, but you can even start a blog of your own. Or you could become a publisher, write for magazines, papers, or online blogs. If you do it the right way, you won't ever find yourself out of things to do.

For those who want to reap this field's benefits, becoming a professional content writer is important. Somebody who is flexible, adept, and has an unquenched thirst for learning will find success in this field.

Concepts Covered

1.Prewriting, Drafting & Paragraph building

2.Avoid grammatical errors in writing

3.Learn writing tools & techniques

4.Fiction writing and master business writing skills

5.Master content making

6.Publish your book

Certified Course

With what you have gained including experience, get the shot in the arm for your career prospects and interviews with skills and certificates to back your talk.

Get certified by Verzeo and top institutions for your efforts and stand tall among others in the crowd.

Pricing Plan


₹ 5000

Course Duration: 1 Month

Live classes: 8+ hours

Recorded videos

Co-Branded Course completion certificate

Access upto 3 months for course contents


₹ 10,000

Course duration: 3 Months

Live Classes: 24+ Hours

Recorded Videos

Co-Branded Course completion certificate

Access upto 12 months for course contents

Meet Our Mentors


Ms. Sheetal Verma

Content Writing

Ms. Sheetal Verma with experiences in Copywriting and Content Writing, Ms. Sheetal Verma is your perfect go-to person for all your digital content needs. She’s the perfect mentor for your Content Writing voyage and has great expertise in the fields of blogs, articles, and pitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a content writer to call himself professional, it’s ideal to have a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, English, or journalism. The more experienced, the more qualified a writer could be.

Becoming a content writer is a thorough process that’s not restricted to any degree. You can become a content writer without any degree as well. However, certain companies prefer that their writers are graduates. It depends on the requirements of the company.

Content writing is a very diverse niche which could be distributed into:

  • Blogging
  • Social media content
  • Copywriting
  • Creative writing
  • Freelancing
  • Industry Writing
  • Journalism/Media Writing

A content writer can either earn from freelancing or sign a contract with a company where they could be paid monthly. Individual writers can even open their blogs, become entrepreneurs, and self-dependent.

Verzeo has a department dedicated to students' placement and is successful in arranging career guidance throughout the year. Verzeo has successfully maintained high placement statistics over the years, and the fact registered students bear the recession blues with record-breaking placements itself is a testimony to superior quality.

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