Verzeo Extra is an AI-Based Online learning platform that provides students with a holistic learning experience to help make them industry-ready. With access to some of the best industry experts, online training programs, and blended learning, we offer the students to take a stand on their own and learn what they are interested in.

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To help the students identify their interests and do exceptionally well in the fields of their passion.


To provide AI-enabled real-time insights with the resolution of helping students unlock their potential and identify what drives them.


Enabling and facilitating Artificial Intelligence in the academic space and increasing outreach to a diverse student community.

Our niche-specific courses are a break from traditional learning and a leap into identifying your interests. It takes a long time for students to identify what they are interested in. It always takes the right resources and a push in the right direction for them to discover their potential. That is where our program jumps in to help.

With our courses, we act as an invisible life mentor for our students and help them find the channels where they can unleash their true learning potential. Our program provides access to a wide variety of training programs and niche-specific programs that are enough for you to take a break from regular learning and understand your true interests. These programs are interactive, collaborative, and give access to mentors and experts.

Verzeo Extra has collaborated with technical moguls to create an immersive platform. With AI-based software at its core, it offers a connected ecosystem accessible from anywhere and by anyone. Learning through Verzeo Extra is fun, interactive, and practical. Come join us on an extraordinary learning spree and realize what drives you.